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Bag processing industry how to crack excess capacity
The author:admin Update time:2018-7-20
In recent years, "excess capacity" is the theme of traditional manufacturing. So if there is overcapacity it, determined to develop bag plant and how to solve this problem in the bag processing industry? Recent central meeting proposed in 2016 to production capacity remains one of the priorities. China is a manufacturing country, the world's main production base bag processing industry is in China. Leather processing industry overcapacity, mainly because the industry access threshold is low, many low quality products handbag factory low price, and factories homogeneity. When market demand is capable of competitive small operating profit, increase the development of competition once the market will be extremely difficult. Leather Factory cracks overcapacity, above all, to clearly locate, analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, identify customer needs, while the use of advanced management and technology to solve customer problems. Only real needs of customers bag factory, it will never be excessive!
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